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Customers are more likely to be upsold by fellow customers. Leverage the Redstage Customer Behavior Engine to automatically increase your $$ per Sale

Magento Extension

Up selling is an extremely powerful way of increasing conversion rates and average $'s per sale. However, choosing cross-sells and up-sells manually can be extremely time consuming, and, usually, ineffective. It's simply impossible to know all the products that customers would bundle for every product in your catalog. To really drive conversion increases, you'll want the technology to automatically associate your cross-sells with real customer behavior.

Customers are also more likely to make a purchase decision when they see the path laid before them by other customers like themselves. "If it's good enough for her, then it's good enough for me!" The Redstage Customer Behavior Engine automatically tracks your customers shopping patterns, and then the extension turbo charges the results with proven cross-selling interface that's used by many of the top e-commerce sites on the planet.

Your customers will be more informed and more confident in their purchase, immediately increasing sales.

Benefits - Why should I care?

  • Setting up up sells manually is extremely time consuming
  • Manual upselling is generally ineffective. Our extension bases up selling on actual customer behavior
  • Immediately increase both Conversion Rate and Average Dollar per Sale

Features - What exactly does it do?

  • The Redstage Customer Behavior Engine tracks how products relate in orders, and the extension compiles the information into a simple, familiar interface for up-selling
  • Limit products displayed to only products from the same category
  • Ability to set the maximum amount of products to display
  • Ability to set how far back in time that the Redstage Customer Behavior Engine will look for related upsells from orders
  • Ability to specify whether to display in the Main Column or Right Column.

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