Sub Category Navigation

Display sub categories as images/links on your store's category pages!

Giving your website visitors the ability to navigate your store as easily as possible is very important to increasing your store's conversion rate!

If you have a number of nested categories in your store, this extension can help!

The Sub Category Navigation Extension allows you to automatically add text links or graphics leading to sub categories, on your category pages (under the category description).

You have tons of control over the extension functionality without having to edit any code.


  • Quickly enable and disable the extension at any time.


  • Select which view you'd like, grid or list.
  • Choose how many columns of category links or images should appear.
  • Choose whether or not to show the category image.
  • Select if you'd like to use the category image or category thumbnail.
  • Choose if you'd like to display the name of the category in text above the image
  • Choose if you would like the category description to show up along with the thumbnail.


  • Define the image width and height, as well as the list view right container.


  • Display sub-categories for Top Level Categories
  • List sub-categories of sub categories
  • Display sub categories for 3rd level categories and beyond
  • List sub categories for 3rd level and beyond
  • Specify a limit on how deep the categories will display

Check out the images for a good idea of what the extension does to help your customers navigate your store better!
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