Frequently Bought Together PRO

Frequently Bought Together Pro uses the Redstage Customer Behavior Engine to automate your upsells using a proven Amazon-style user experience.

Magento Extension

Our Frequently Bought Together Extension instantly increases sales using a proven Amazon-style user experience for upsells. This extension replaces Magento's native Related Products Block and substitutes it with a much higher converting, Amazon-like arrangement. The Pro version uses the Redstage Customer Behavior Engine to automatically organize your upsells by analyzing past orders.

Benefits - Why should I care?

  • Upsells are perfectly targeted by using actual customer behavior and order data.
  • Upsell association is automatic using the Redstage Customer Behavior Engine, so less time is spent analyzing orders and entering information into products
  • Instantly increase sales with a user experience proven to quickly upsell customers without changing their buying behavior
  • See an instant boost to the all important Revenue Per Sale metic

Features - What exactly does it do?

  • Turbocharges your upsells into an Amazon-like user experience
  • Replaces your Magento related products block with Frequently Bought Together
  • Redstage Customer Behavior Engine automatically chooses upsells based on past customer orders
  • If no related products are automatically found, the system can use Magento's native related products system
  • Ability to select how many days of orders to pull into the extension to prevent performance degradation on larger sites
  • Ability to turn on/off animation effects
  • Admin controls to limit products displayed to ensure a perfect fit with your theme

The Pro version of Frequently Bought Together uses real customer behavior to automatically select the upsells. The standard version uses Magento's built in Related Products engine to choose which products it displays.

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