FedEx Shipping Patch

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Integrates Magento 1.5x and earlier with the new FedEx API. Fully supported by our In House team.

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Demo Buttons on/off No
Compatibility with Community Editions 1.3.2.*,*, 1.4.2.*, 1.5.*
Compatibility with Enterprise Edition No
This extension is for Magento versions 1.5x and earlier. These older versions of Magento will not be compatible with the new “Web Services” API that FedEx is transitioning to as of 5/31/2012. Store-owners running Magento versions prior to 1.6x and that charge FedEx rates will be forced to either upgrade Magento or use a different shipping service. By installing this extension, store-owners can remain on their current version of Magento and continue to use FedEx for their shipping needs. This extensions is fully supported by our In House team.

Which Shipping Extension is Right For You?

Q: Do you want to control the shipping rate for each product? (No shipping calculator)

We have two options!

Flat rate shipping per product - Simply specify a flat shipping rate per product.

Flat Rate Shipping Per Product PRO V2.0 - Tons of extra features, default rates, multiple shipping levels, & more.

Q: Are you using calculated shipping on your store?

If you want to override certain products' calculated prices, Per Product Shipping Calculator Rates Override is for you!

If you want to add a surcharge to the calculated rate (per product), Shipping Surcharge Per Product (Calculated or Fixed) is the way to go.

Q: Do you have a physical store?

You should grab our In-Store Pickup Extension.

Q: Are you using an older version of Magento and FedEx stopped working?

Our Fedex Shipping Patch will fix the API and get your store working again.
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