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Bridge your Facebook page and your Magento site with the Facebook Fan Box Extension. You'll increase sales and recruit new fans.


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Demo Buttons on/off No
Compatibility with Community Editions 1.3.2.*,*, 1.4.2.*, 1.5.*, 1.6.*, 1.7.*
Compatibility with Enterprise Edition 1.7.*, 1.8.*, 1.9.*, 1.10.*, 1.11.*, 1.12

You're already marketing on Facebook right? You've got your fan page up, and you're trying to connect with new and existing customers. Now it's time to kick it up a notch. Use the Facebook Fan Box Extension to bridge your Facebook page and your Magento site. You'll both increase sales and recruit new fans.

Benefits - Why should I care?

  • Leverage your already existing marketing efforts on Facebook to increase sales on your e-commerce site
  • Recruit new Facebook fans from your site's traffic pool
  • The additional "social proof" and "perceived alignment" provide an instant jump in conversion rate. Translation: customers will trust/like you because other people have already like you.

Features - What exactly does it do?

  • Places the Facebook Fan Box (AKA Like Box) on your site in seconds
  • Market your company through recent posts that will be displayed
  • Allows left or right column placement
  • Let's you control the width, height, and number of fans to display

FYI, the actual name for this box is the Facebook Facepile, so you will see it referenced as that in the extension. However, it's much more common to call it a Facebook Like Box or a Facebook Fan Box

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