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  • Save For Later in Shopping Cart
  • Save For Later in Shopping Cart

Save For Later in Shopping Cart

Add save for later functionality to your store and allow your users to save products they want to buy in the future!

Please contact for more information about this product.

15 day money back guarantee, and the lifetime bug-free guarantee


Let your customers save products they want to purchase later right from their shopping cart! This style functionality is extremely powerful.

The Save for Later extension is not like a wishlist. The save for later products show up right in your customers' shopping cart.

Save for Later works great for tons of different sites and products!

  • Collectibles
  • Clothing & Shoes
  • Baby/Children's Items
  • Instruments
  • ...and so many more!

Each product gets a new "Save for Later" Link in your store's shopping cart page:

After adding the product to their save for later list, your customers can easily add the products back to their cart when they are ready to purchase.

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