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Shop by Brand

Automatically create brand landing pages to improve customer experience and conversion rates. Brand loyalty is an important factor in a purchase decision, so give your customers a simple and convenient way to shop their favorite brands.

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Brand loyalty is a huge part of a customer's purchase decision. Our Shop by Brand extension makes it convenient for your customers to view all products by each brand in your store. The extension automatically creates brand landing pages, dramatically enhancing SEO for your store's brands as well as improving the customer experience.

Since Shop by Brand can pivot on ANY attribute in your catalog, you can also use the extension to create custom "Shop By" experiences. Store owners have used our extension as Shop by Artist, Shop by Color, Shop by Publisher, and many more.

Benefits - Why should I care?

  • Brand loyalty is a major purchasing decision factor.  Shop by Brand instantly increases conversion rates
  • Gain maximum SEO for brand page by adding custom content on brand langing pages
  • Enhance customer trust by displaying brand logos

Features - What exactly does it do?

  • Combs through your product catalog for brands and allows you to create a custom landing page for each brand.  Each landing page will pull all products from that brand as well as allow you to add custom text and images to the page
  • Automatically creates a brands page that lists all brands in your product collection, seperated in alphabetical order
  • Allows you to display brand logos for each brand
  • You can select any attribute to use for a custom "Shop by" experience (e.g. Shop by Artist, Shop by Color, Shop by Publisher, etc)

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