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  • Redstage Ecom Sales Guide eBook - FREE

Redstage Ecom Sales Guide eBook - FREE

57 strategies to increasing your online sales, direct from the marketing experts.

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We wrote this report to give out some of our ecommerce tips out that can help you get more customers, retain customers, increase your order values and most of aall SELL MORE STUFF.  

There are 57 tips and optimizations in total.  Not all of them apply to every e-commerce site, but most of the tips are applicable to anyone with an online business.   

Some sample strategies from the eBook:

#18. Offer Free Shipping.

This is a HUGE psychological offering that makes the ecommerce buying experience more like shopping in person.  “…74% of online shoppers cited the cost of shipping as the #1 reason for NOT completing a purchase online…” (stat from  

Free shipping is an excellent differentiator if your competition is still charging for shipping.  Remember,the free shipping offer doesn’t have to be your best shipping option.  You can have USPS ground or UPS ground as the free shipping offer and then upsell faster shipping at a low cost.  

#35. Create a 1 day sale and juice your list to get them excited (mini launch).

Try sending an email to your list of subscribers with a ‘reminder’ that there is a sale in a few days (up to a week).  The day before the sale, send them another (along with other product promotions). And then, after they are excited for the super-sale, you can send them a one day only coupon code for either free shipping, 10% off the total order or anything you can think of that they are likely to use.  

The idea is to build the excitement for the sale with the first 2 or 3 emails and then only on the day of the sale, actually give them the exact details.  DON'T give them the supersale details until the day of!


53. Focus on promoting positive product reviews for items you are trying to sell the most.  

“82% of respondents stated that they would be more likely to purchase an unknown brand with positive reviews over a well-known brand with negative reviews.” (Stat from  You should try to have positive product reviews on your homepage, and the product’s specific landing page.  This will instill social proof in with the potential buyer.  This is the psychological effect that triggers with the buyer, “If someone else liked it, I will probably like it too!”.   Why have your customers leave your site to check out reviews only to buy somewhere else??

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