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  • Order Status History Audit
  • Order Status History Audit

Order Status History Audit

Ever wonder who was working on your Magento orders? Well now you can automatically track who worked on each step of the order process with our Order Status History Audit extension.

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The Order Status History Audit extension by Redstage will automatically tag the username to each step of the order process as changes are made. This easy to install extension will provide valuable insight into the workflow and tracking of your web store’s internal order process.

Benefits – Why should I care?
  • Increase visibility into your internal workflow process
  • Reduce risk of errors by tracking employee’s actions
  • Keep a detailed audit log of your ordering processing history
  • Tracking is system generated and hands free for admins

    Features – What exactly does it do?
  • Automatically tags the username of the person who worked on each process in the order
  • Displays usernames in the Order View section under Information and Comments History tabs
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