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Celebros Salesperson - Semantic Search Technology for Magento

Bring in up to a 500% increase in sales from search!

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15 day money back guarantee, and the lifetime bug-free guarantee


Your Magento Site Search Stinks, Right?

We all know that the built in search for Magento is not that useful, and you're losing would-be buyers as a result. There's tweaks and an extension that can help, but conversion rates on Magento's site search are still terrible.

At Redstage, we've been in talks with search experts at Celebros to find a solution for you. And we've got a solution in a big way.

We're very happy to announce that we've recently partnered with Celebros Semantic Search Technology, becoming their first very first Magento-focused certified Solutions Provider. We're now able to offer their new Magento extension!

Celebros technology is proven to have some amazing results, like a 500% increase in conversion rate from search. They're the real deal, and it's the technology the big boys are using that you don't normally have access to.

Celebros's search is basically an artificially intelligent engine that deciphers the visitor's actual *intent* for the search from what they typed.

Let's compare the Celebros Semantic Search to Magento's search...

What can Celebros do that Magento can't?

  • Understanding the search *intent* - syntax & Semantics? Check.
  • Complex & gender related queries? Oh yeah.
  • Handling typos & mispellings (dictionary, phonetic dictionary, thesaurus)? Most definitely.
  • Price Base Queries ("pants under $20")? How cool is that?
  • Query Merchandizing? You bet.
  • Synonyms? Automatically!
  • Avoiding dead-end queries? Absolutely.
  • Dynamic, context-based filtering/refinements? You'll want to learn more about this one...

Overall: Celebros Semantic Search - awesome, Magento Textual Search - can't do any of the above.

Let's hear a few words from BettyMills...

Let's take a look at what happened after implemented Celebros Salesperson:

  • Bottom line sales increased by 45.1%
  • Conversion Rate increased 50%

Interested in increasing your sales from search by up to 5X? Call us at 888.335.2747 to learn how.

Ever in a Walmart and try finding a jar of pickles? And it's not in canned goods or by the spices? You problably just gave up and skipped buying it. Or you *might* get lucky and find a walmart rep walking around. She tells you that it's at the very end of the snacks isle that week. Well, Celebros *is* that rep that will guide your shopper insantly to the product they're looking for. much does this big boy technology cost?

Consider that this level of technology is usually only reserved for the biggest players in e-commerce that spent $100,000's to develop it.

Now, you're not going to be paying that, but this *is* enterprise level technology. So there's going to be some investment.

Celebros will cost around $800+ per month. The fees are monthly because your site is actually interacting with the Celebros Brain all the time. Every search query performed on your site heads off to Celebros to be analyzed and responded to.

So is the $800+ per month worth a 500% increase in sales from search? Depends on your level of traffic and sales volumes. Celebros won't be right for everyone, but for many it will bring in a LOT more revenue.

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