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  • Add Video to Product Pages - FREE!
  • Add Video to Product Pages - FREE!
  • Add Video to Product Pages - FREE!

Add Video to Product Pages - FREE!

Easily add video to your product pages!

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15 day money back guarantee, and the lifetime bug-free guarantee


This extension allows you to easily add videos to your product pages!

One of the biggest trends on the internet in the past 5 years is the utilization of video to sell products online. If you need to add a video to your product pages, this extension will help!

With just a two-minute installation, you can quickly start adding video to a section of your product page. The extension offers 4 different product page locations out of the box that the video code will be inserted.

Four Product Video Inclusion Areas
  • Include the video beneath the additional information section
  • Include the video after the short review section (or "be the first to leave a review...")
  • Include the video below the tags area on the product page
  • Include the video after the add to cart button

Using the extension is super easy!

All you need to do after uploading the files is enable one of the sections on the product page where you want the extension to show up.

Then, navigate to the product you want to add a video to and you'll find a new Product Video section.

Just paste in your embed code from Youtube, Vimeo, or any of your favorite video sites and just like that, you can add the video to your product page!

This extension also comes with a detailed user guide showing you how to install and use the extension. We also include instructions about how to place the video content anywhere you need on your page!
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